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Authentic Faith and Life Workshops and Retreats:
​Identity Workshop Series: 
We are created mind, body, and spirit with our intellect and will!
We have emotions and thoughts that need affirmation and perspective!
Learn who you are and how uniquely and exceptionally you were created 
to be the full potential of all God intends you to be!
Interested in learning more?
Everyone, everywhere has to ask this question: Is there a Being that exists, outside of ourselves- that we generally call God; 
and if there IS, 
then will this Being actually come into our lives
and AFFECT it?


Individual Sessions Available

On the Christian Meaning of Human Suffering:
 Salvifici Dolores~Pope St. John Paul II

Enter into the mystery 
of  emotional, physical, and spiritual suffering 
in order to discover the potential for its profound meaning, accepted in the Light of Revelation!
 1-Who does Jesus say that I am?
 2-Affirming my Identity (Imago dei)
​ 3-I. Have. A. Father!
 5-Anger/Confrontation Workshop
 6-Healing my Identity Workshop
 7-Spirit-ual Warfare
 8-How to Love your Soul 
For Teens: Value Judgements vs Sin-
The Culture of Life vs the Culture of Death
What does that even mean?
Women's Retreat ~ The Whole World Under Our Hearts: Teaching the World to Love
Dates/Time to be announced!
Text for info:248.330.7276
Men's Retreat