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Authentic Faith and Life Individual Services
Divorced and Separated
Marriage Sessions
We all need to know that there is someone beyond ourselves, a being- we call God, who will enter into our lives, and will effect it!!!!
Bringing God into any event in life will lead you to wholeness and serenity of body and mind and spirit! This is healing! But when added to therapeutic techniques, it is soul-mending!

Please call, text, or email if you would like to set up a time to talk!

There is a plan for your life! Lets find it! Healing is accessible and hope can be restored!
You are not alone.

Theology of the Body-based Couples Sessions: 
Learn God's plan for love and marriage as it is written in our bodies!
Understand your self and your spouse AND God more!

If you have any question concerning services please do not hesitate to call: 
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Neuromuscular Therapeutic Massage
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